Welcome to Technology Reef!

Who are we?

Technology Reef is a supplier of technological solutions for industrial problems: We use our own proprietary technologies as well as third-party technologies and combine them with our unique problem-solving ability to develop and market new products – often in collaboration with industrial companies. We underpin these solutions with strategic and commercial insights and thus systematically initiate businesses.

What do we do with these solutions?

  1. License technologies
  2. Develop superior products in collaboration with companies
  3. Found companies

Technology Reef creates value collaboratively and for the benefit of all parties. The goal is to build a well-functioning eco-system of inventors and innovative companies.

Find out more about us:


We develop and source impactful and ground-breaking inventions and drive them towards application. And we research technologies to solve concrete problems.

Partnering models

As we aim at the application of technologies, we seek partnerships with companies that want to innovate and drive change on their own behalf. Their reward is substantial.

Purpose & Values

In order to be a trusted and reliable partner for inventors and companies, we hold ourselves accountable along a carefully selected set of values.

Work with us:

Companies and founders

We work with companies and founders to create outstanding businesses based on technical superior products. Contact us, if you find our technologies interesting and consider to collaborate with us. 


We are inventors ourselves and we know the struggle of finding a way to bring an invention to application. Should you need advice in how to market your invention, contact us. We have an open ear for you – with no strings attached and full confidentiality.

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