Let’s create value together

Just like a real reef, Technology Reef is a place in which many different ‘species’ can flourish as long as they commit to our symbiotic way of working. It’s about giving and taking – as simple as that.

For companies and founders

As a company or founder, you can benefit from the application of our technologies, our technical creativity and problem-solving skills as well our ability to draft strategies and obtain financing for your endeavor.


We license our technology in agreements that are tailor-made for your purpose. Our aim is that our technology provides you with a technical advantage – and makes long-term winning easy.


We co-develop products and businesses together with you. We also help to obtain financing. Once successful, we share the profits in a fair manner.


We found new businesses together with you. Superior technologies allow to enter markets with better products or lower prices. Sometimes, it even allows to create entirely new markets.

For inventors

As an inventor, you can approach us with your invention. We support you in developing applications of your invention, developing a business out of it and finding adequate partners for implementation. It goes without saying that we assure confidentiality when dealing with your invention.